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Mary Donovan

Business / Commercial

“When you’re ready to talk business, I am here to offer straightforward solutions! “

Mary brings 29 years of experience in the Commercial sector of the Real Estate Industry.  Her time as a specialist, training in both C & I and Business Brokering, when based in Tauranga and Auckland has created a clear appreciation of this ever changing and now sometimes complicated process.

As commercial real estate generally involves sensitive decisions, Mary considers the following points to be essential in the leasing or selling/purchasing process.

* Confidentiality – Business is business and should be treated as such!

* Understanding the processes – This is a case of “Things are not as they used to be!

* Empathy with client’s wishes – Sometimes people don’t know what they don’t know!

* Problem Solving – Not all problems are bad ones!

* Making Time – A commodity that has no dollar value in our Industry, but without it, service is compromised.

Returning to Whakatane has really just confirmed the need for these points and the appreciation that often the prime requisite in this process is Patience!

Mary is willing and able to offer solutions to the sometimes tricky situations faced when it comes to buying, selling and leasing commercial or industrial property.  With more than 10 years experience working as a specialist Business Broker, she is ready to discuss your options in preparing your business for sale in either the short or long term.